Representative Susan Wild

Representing the 7th District of Pennsylvania

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June 27, 2019 In The News
On Wednesday night, Pennsylvania Congresswoman Susan Wild gave a brief but impassioned speech in the House chamber. After revealing that her partner’s death, exactly one month earlier, had been a suicide, Wild called for legislators to address the “national emergency” of people coping with mental health issues. Read the full text of her speech.
June 27, 2019 In The News
Almost half of House Democratic freshmen have come out against the new North American trade pact in its current form, demanding that the Trump administration make the deal more worker-friendly before sending it to Congress for a vote. In a letter to President Donald Trump’s trade chief, 27 Democrats said the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement must be renegotiated to include stronger enforcement mechanisms and labor and environmental standards, as well as cut out a provision tied to pharmaceuticals.
June 26, 2019 In The News

It had been one month since Rep. Susan Wild’s “life partner,” attorney Kerry Acker had died, she told the House chamber on Wednesday night, as legislative business came to a close.

June 18, 2019 In The News

Climate scientists are increasingly connecting the dots between extreme weather events and the changing climate. Hurricanes are stronger, wildfires burn longer, heat waves are hotter and flooding is more extreme.

June 14, 2019 In The News

Congresswoman Susan Wild’s colleagues knew she was a former litigator, but most hadn’t seen her perform under pressure until one March afternoon.

June 13, 2019 In The News

Lawmakers continued making their arguments for and against a Department of Labor proposal to expand overtime pay protections at a Congressional hearing June 12.

June 10, 2019 In The News

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Marino left his job in Congress in January, weeks after being sworn in for the two-year term, citing health reasons and a pending job in the private sector.

June 10, 2019 In The News

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill were expected to vote this week on a spending proposal that would give legislators their first pay increase since 2009.

June 4, 2019 In The News

Tired of reading bad news? It takes some searching, but there is good news these days. We’re taking important steps in addressing the pressing need of acting on climate change.