Congresswoman Wild visits East Stroudsburg High School South

January 21, 2020
In The News

U.S. Congresswoman Susan Wild made a visit to East Stroudsburg High School South Tuesday.

Her stop comes as the district adds new initiatives outside the classroom. Purple Pantry took over a former classroom in November to make room for some canned goods. Wild, who represents a part of Monroe County, visited the pantry to see what it’s all about.

“We always try and visit places that are making a difference in the community and sometimes places that need some help,” Wild said.

East Stroudsburg High School South is a model for other districts in the state. The food pantry serves students who may need fuel to get them through the morning, noon, and night.

“When you’re expecting students to learn and to come to school and pay attention, they can’t do it if their bellies are gnawing pangs,” Wild said.

“We’ve seen a tremendous sense of relief with students who had nothing and now know they have someplace they can just get the basics like food,” principal Michael Catrillo said.

Wild visited other initiatives within the high school including the new sensory room. This room, that gives off a calm vibe, will be used for students with special needs. It was funded by a federal grant to help students and their senses find a place of peace.

“Our goal for this room is to see some improvements in the classroom in terms of their levels of engagement. Hopefully, some behaviors will digress negative behaviors back in the classroom,” Matthew Krauss, access program coordinator for the high school, said.

Core Cafe was next on the agenda. It’s a space where coffee and snacks can be purchased from the school’s life skills students. Putting a cap on how South is helping its students grow.

“Warm and welcoming atmosphere. Which is exactly what I would want for a high school student to be, to feel like a place, to be a home away from home,” Wild said.

Wild told Eyewitness News Tuesday she was impressed with the district’s initiatives and she plans on sharing what she saw with other districts that might be struggling.