Ahead of Joint Session, Rep. Wild Hosts Press Call with Virtual Guest for the Speech

April 28, 2021
Press Release
Bethanie Shoemaker, a single mom from Allentown, benefited from the American Rescue Plan

Ahead of President Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Representative Susan Wild (PA-07) hosted a virtual press conference with her guest, Bethanie Shoemaker. Bethanie is an essential worker and a single mother of four who benefited from the American Rescue Plan through its increased child care funding, direct stimulus payment, and expansion of the child tax credit. She spoke to the importance of this law to helping her and her family get back on track.


“It’s an honor to be invited to the joint session this week and to be part of this historic moment. I’m glad to have the opportunity to tell my story and help explain why I support the American Rescue Plan and the help it is giving to families like mine,” said Bethanie Shoemaker.


“I’m honored today to introduce you all to my virtual guest for the evening. Bethanie Shoemaker lives in Allentown, where she works as an essential worker and is a single mom of four kids, all adopted from foster care,” said Rep. Wild. “Bethanie is one of the millions of Pennsylvanians who benefited from the American Rescue Plan, and for whom the law was a critical lifeline, ensuring she could make ends meet, provide for her four kids, and eventually go back to work. Bethanie’s story is one that I’m sure resonates with single moms in every corner of this country, and I’m really glad that she is my guest this evening and gets to take part in this special event.”