Rep. Wild, Protect Our Care Release New Rural Health Report

May 6, 2020
Press Release
Report Comes as Trump Admin Seeks to Strike Down the Affordable Care Act with Supreme Court Lawsuit

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA –  Today, on the day that the Texas v. U.S. lawsuit filings are due, U.S. Representative Susan Wild (PA-07) joined Chair of Protect Our Care Leslie Dach and Statewide Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Health Access Network Robin Stelly on a Zoom roundtable to announce a new Pennsylvania Coronavirus Rural Health Report. This report demonstrates how critical the expansion of Medicaid and other protections provided through the Affordable Care Act are to rural Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth.

The conversation also outlined next steps in the administration’s disastrous lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and briefs filed to the Supreme Court by the House of Representatives and Democratic attorneys general opposing the lawsuit

"The ACA itself is an invaluable tool in fighting the Coronavirus across Pennsylvania and thousands of individuals across our commonwealth are already dependent on this legislation for their health coverage, including many relying on the Medicaid Expansion," Wild said. "That's why I am so deeply disappointed that the Trump Administration has not only refused to open a special enrollment period to allow folks without coverage to access it, but persists in its backing of a lawsuit that could rip away coverage from hundreds of thousands of individuals without any plan to replace it."

Wild has led the charge to protect Pennsylvanians’ health care from this lawsuit, for which oral arguments before the Supreme Court are expected in the fall of 2020. She and others described the consequences of the lawsuit for Pennsylvanians, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


"No issue is more important to Americans today than healthcare, it's a nonpartisan issue. Unfortunately, this appears to remain a partisan issue in the White House, where the President seems to be on a relentless effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act," Dach said. "If the President has his way, twenty million Americans will lose their health coverage at the height of this pandemic, and it will devastate people's ability to get affordable, quality care."

"When people started to get sick from Coronavirus in Pennsylvania and businesses were forced to close, our help line was flooded with people who were losing their coverage. The Affordable Care Act is there for them," Stelly said. "The Affordable Care Act can work as a long-term solution for health coverage, or as a safety net. The point is we need it, and we need it to be expanded so more people can get the coverage they need."


Watch a full recording of the roundtable.


Read the fact sheet on how the administration’s lawsuit would devastate Pennsylvanians’ healthcare.