Rep. Wild Statement on Build Back Better Vote

November 19, 2021
Press Release

“I am extremely proud to have cast my vote today to pass the Build Back Better Act and move forward on an agenda to lower the cost of living, rebuild our economy, and strengthen the middle class. By lowering the cost of some prescription drugs, expanding access to affordable child care and home care for seniors and disabled people, extending the Child Tax Credit, and making universal pre-k available to families across the country, this legislation includes historic investments in a 21st century economy that works for everyone.”  


“I am also thrilled that with this vote, we are reestablishing America’s climate leadership and investing in the fight against climate change, which will help reduce energy costs and create a clean energy economy at the same time. My community is already facing the disastrous results of extreme storms, and we know there is no time to waste in tackling this urgent threat.” 


“Finally, tackling the soaring cost of prescription drugs has been one of my top my priorities since I came to Congress. I hear almost every day from constituents who face financial ruin over the cost of their medicines and worry about their children’s future as the cost of prescriptions continues to skyrocket. So I am very proud to have fought for the inclusion of the prescription drug pricing reform in this bill, including a cap on the cost of insulin and allowing for the first time Medicare to negotiate the price of some prescription drugs. Additionally, I am pleased that Build Back Better adopts language of my bill, the Fair Drug Prices for Kids Act, to ensure that state Children’s Health Insurance Programs get the best price on prescription drugs and can help prevent kids from going without the medicine they need.” 


“The people of the Lehigh Valley have a lot to celebrate with the passing of this historic bill, and I couldn’t be prouder to have fought for the strongest possible version of this legislation and helped get it one step closer to the president’s desk.”