Rep. Wild Statement on Future of Tribune Publishing

March 15, 2021
Press Release
After new reporting on the future of Tribune Publishing, Representative Susan Wild (PA-07) released the following statement:

“I am extremely hopeful that Tribune Publishing will stay in the hands of people who support local papers. The threats facing journalism today are vast and the least we can do is continue to support news outlets like The Morning Call, which is an invaluable resource for people in my district,” said Rep. Wild. “America is made less rich by the decline in local news and those of us in a position to help should continue to speak out in defense of outlets big and small.”

Rep. Wild has been vocal about her support for the free and independent press, and submitted a Statement for the Record to the House Committee on the Judiciary during their hearing on saving the free and diverse press. She is also a cosponsor of the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act, which seeks to empower small papers and journalists to negotiate with social media companies for a fairer share of profits.