Rep. Wild Statement on the Violence in Jerusalem and Gaza

May 10, 2021
Press Release

After reports of escalating violence, House Foreign Affairs Committee Member Representative Susan Wild (PA-07) released the following statement:

“I am extremely disturbed by the ongoing confrontations and violence in Jerusalem and Gaza, and I am monitoring the situation closely. The cycle of attacks and retaliation that has destroyed the lives of far too many civilians—Israelis and Palestinians—will never lead to a peaceful or secure region, for anyone.

“Palestinians are entitled to fundamental human rights and respect, and provocations that undermine everyday Palestinians’ dignity must end. Israelis are entitled to live in peace and security, and the rockets fired into Israel by Hamas are a threat that no nation would accept. Israeli and Palestinian leaders must now use their positions of power to immediately deescalate tensions, not continue to pour fuel on an already raging fire.

“Violence, especially on holy days and against civilians, is unacceptable. Enough bloodshed and loss of innocent life. We desperately need to remember our shared humanity and the common hopes and aspirations that should bind together Israelis and Palestinians alike.”